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  • 2020 Air Conditioning Freon Ban

    Thursday, February 25, 2021   /   by Sam Gerardi

    2020 Air Conditioning Freon Ban

    Why do people decide to move?
    Unless it’s a requirement, such as a job relocation, the research tells us that you, like many homeowners, may decide to sell at some point for one or more of the following reasons:

    • Your home is no longer a good fit. You may have outgrown your current home and need something bigger, maybe with an additional bedroom. Or, you've become empty-nesters and want to downsize into something smaller. You may also want cash in the home equity you’ve built up to store that away for a rainy day.

    • You’ve got your eye on a different neighborhood. Have you ever driven through an area and thought, “I’d love to live here”? You may think that it’s out-of-reach for you at this time. Is it? You never know until you work the numbers. You might, in fact, qualify for a home in that neighborhood today!

    • You want to be closer... Many homeowners would love to live closer to work, family, favorite hobbies, the country, etc. Moving to a home that’s near to one of those “somethings” can have a positive impact on your lifestyle.

    • It’s time for a change. Sometimes a homeowner just wants a change: new surroundings, a fresh start. Who says you need a “practical” reason to sell? If you’re looking to get into a new home just because you feel like it, that’s your choice. In fact, that may be the best reason of all to sell. You may simply want to move.

    Do any of these reasons resonate for you? If so, now is the time to start preparing. Even if you don’t anticipate moving for several months, this is the best time to get the process started. The first step is to learn what your home is worth in today's market.

    Take advantage of the INCREDIBLY LOW INTEREST RATES. Your buying power may never be better!!!

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    The ROI on fixing up your current home may pale in comparison to the opportunity to move to a BETTER home at a lower rate without the mess, inconvenience or low return. Welcome the new year by reviewing your equity value & understanding your options today.